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Zhongyuan Imperial Yard Entertainment Wellness

Commercial Center

Qiang Zou Zhongyuan center front view rendering

Zone Of Utopia / Qiang Zou + Mathieu Forest Architecte


Architecture, Construction.


Conception phase.




Henan Zhongzhixiang Real Estate Co.,Ltd


Entertainment, Wellness and Commercial Complex, Hotel

Surface area:

57 755 m²


ZENG Teng, WU Di, WANG Zhuang, Gweltaz KEROMNES, Edgardo BARROS TORO, HUANG Jianping, NING Shichao, LIU Qiushi, XUE Qijun, Arnaud MAZZA, Alexandre CATTENOZ.

Qiang Zou Zhongyuan center front view night rendering
Zhongyuan center back view rendering
Qiang Zou Zhongyuan center afternoon side view rendering
Zhongyuan center Colour rendering
Interior rendering
Zhongyuan Center Daylighted central plaza
Qiang Zou Zhongyuan Center Nocturnal central plaza
Zhongyuan Center Schematic section

The worksite for this project is located in Plot B-06-02, Phase 1-2, Zhongyuan Chenyuan, Panzhuang, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City. The Huiji District Government is going alongside the eastern limit, Suoxu River on the north (Zhengzhou section of the Grand Canal Tongji Canal).
Between the west side of the plot and Tianshan Road is the urban green belt and the bus stop from south to north; between the south side and Kaiyuan Road is the urban green belt and two rows of reserved street trees; the east side is between Jiifang Road and Tianhe Road. Chuangcheng Kaiyu City No. 1 Yard; to the north is Jiahe Road and B-05-02 commercial plot.

The lot's surrounding traffic is convenient and the railroad system is well developed. There are subway stations within one kilometer radius from the eastern to western  sides of Kaiyuan Road: East Metro Line 2 Extension Line Tianhe Road Station (under construction), Line 3 extension line (under planning) ). West subway station; public transportation: bus 723, B52 and get off at Huiji District Government Station to the plot.

The total base area is 25 111.04 sq. m., the plot ratio is less than or equal to 2.3, and the planned above-ground building area is 57 755.39 sq. m. Among them, 51% are entertainment and sports, and 49% are business.

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