Henan Xingxiang - China

"ICE CUBES" Zhongyuan Sunac Cultural Touristic City Demonstration Center

ArchDaily 2022 Nomination

ArchDaily Building Of The Year 2022 
"Ice Cubes" Project was selected as one of the 5 finalists in Cultural Architecture category.


IDA Design Awards Winner.
Silver in Architecture Categories / Museum, Exhibits,
Pavilions and exhibitions

Silver in Architecture Categories / Conceptual

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iF Design Award 2022 Winner.
"Ice Cubes" won an iF Design Award 2022.

Xinxiang - Qiang Zou - Night aereal rendering

Zone Of Utopia / Qiang Zou + Mathieu Forest Architecte


Urbanism, Architecture.






Henan Zhongzhixiang Real Estate Co.,Ltd


Entertainment, Wellness and Commercial Complex, Hotel.

Surface area:

12 149 m².


ZENG Teng, WU Di, WANG Zhuang, Arnaud MAZZA, MA Jia, XUE Qijun.



Qiang Zou Architect

Xinxiang - View from balcony
Daylight Perspective
Daylight icecubes stacking
Main perspective from the lake
Xinxiang Ice cubes - Perspective in fugue
Ice cubes main arrangement
View from below
View from below
Ice Cubes Qiang Zou Main entrance
Main cube - person in comparison
Glazed window layout
Ice Cubes - Zone Of Utopia - Principal night entrance
Project s rendering

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We provide the city a new symbol linked to its Cultural Tourism. The Cultural Tourism City Demonstration Center is like the bow of a ship, located at the beginning of the residential development area along the future canal.

We provide a strong signal for the Cultural Tourism City. The 49-meter-high body is visible in all directions.

We provide an urban lighthouse for the Cultural Tourism City. Its "air hall" dominates the urban space and attracts people to it, and its translucent outer wall can absorb and diffuse light.

We provide a spatial response for the ski resort. The ski resort is located on the southwest side of the lake and connected by the pedestrian street on the north side. The tension of distance strengthens the dialogue and interaction between buildings.

We're in the pursuit to establish a new symbol for the city, which is composed of intertwined glass cubes, which reminds people of the joy of ice and snow, sunlight and winter sports, as if the lake became ice, condensing into a poetic architectural movement.

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